Meet the Team

Aleksandra Szlapa

In 2006 Aleksandra graduated with a Master of Science in Physiotherapy from the Medical University of Silesia, in Katowice, Poland.

Since that time she has worked extensively in paediatrics. Her area of practice includes neurodevelopment, neurological, orthopaedic, and musculoskeletal physiotherapy. She has experience working with all age groups from early intervention programs to preschool and school-age programs.

Aleksandra has completed various post-graduated courses including:

  • NDT – Bobath,
  • Vojta,
  • M.A.E.S.
  • Sensory Integration,
  • CST,
  • PNF Basic, Advance and PNF in Paediatrics,
  • myofascial techniques,
  • Scar Work,
  • Bone Work,
  • Cranial Work,
  • Kinesio Taping,
  • Manual Therapy,
  • Three Dimension Manual Therapy of Children Fault Feet,
  • Foundation and Advanced Paediatric Gait Analysis and Orthotic Management by Elaine Owen,
  • Practical application of the suit ‘SpiderSuit ‘course

Aleksandra continues to enhance her knowledge and develop her skills in paediatric physiotherapy.

In her work, she uses a combination of many methods and always adjusts them to the individual needs of the child. Of course, besides the highest level of treatment, she always prioritizes the comfort and well-being of the child.

Anna Matukiewicz

In 2010 Anna graduated with a Master of Science from Academy of Physical Education (faculty of Education Physical, Sport, and Rehabilitation) in Wroclaw, Poland.

Since that time she has been working mainly with paediatrics includes neurodevelopment, early intervention, neurological, neuron-motor, orthopaedic, genetic, undiagnosed disorders and musculoskeletal conditions.

She has experience working with all age groups from early intervention programmes to preschool and school-age children.

Anna completed various post-graduates courses including:

  • NDT – Bobath
  • NDT – Bobath Baby
  • PNF Basic
  • Post-diploma studies from Manual Therapy of Soft tissue
  • Neurobiological Foundations of Sensory Integration course (I degree)
  • Practical application of the suit 'SpiderSuit' course
  • M.A.E.S. Therapy Introduction Course

and many other workshops.

She is also Nordic walking instructor.

Anna still develops her skills and gains new knowledge within the paediatric area. She is always “hungry” for learning and very keen on self- improving. But most of all she puts her whole heart into her work.